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Watch Skyscraper online free | Watch Skyscraper 123movies

Watch Skyscraper online free | Watch Skyscraper 123movies

Watch Skyscraper online free | Watch Skyscraper 123movies

Introduce to Skyscraper 123movies

Watch Skyscraper online free: A former FBI agent had to retire due to injury in the leg entangled in robbery skyscrapers in Hongkong.

Dwayne Johnson/The Rock continues to shape his familiar role-a hero. He played Will Sawyer-a talented soldier and head of the task group to rescue the hostages. Unfortunately, when performing a dangerous mission, Will meet accidents and lost his left foot. He was forced to retire and become a security consultant for the buildings. When done protecting a high-floor 240 houses in Hongkong, Will hit a human catastrophe deliberately created. Families trapped in burning buildings, whether the injured agent guy has to rescue them?

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Skyscraper trailer: reveal the scene overwhelmed in July blockbuster ‘ Skyscraper ‘

The voyeuristic action scenes, dramatic, explosive fires the same AWE-filled family story feel … is what the audience can be found in the new trailer for the film the Tower skyscraper (Skyscraper).

If, as in the previous film, Universal trailer has treated the audience with a series of stunts, choking on this trailer again deeply exploit the life story of the protagonist Will Sawyer by superstar wrestler Dwayne Johnson or audience known as “The Rock”.

The trailer opens with lines reminiscent of brave and courageous veterans Will Sawyer. 10 years ago, he was the senior leader of the rescue team of the FBI. During a dangerous mission, he suffered severe injuries and lost his left foot. This meant that Will Sawyer to “wash hands from”, removed the work that you stick long but also thanks to it that he meets are great mate Sarah Sawyer (Neve Campbell). The emotional footage fades out viewers not from compensation. Indeed, as was witnessed the activities that occur often in families, the two clearly new Sawyer “family” has great meaning to you to.

Serious injury 10 years ago took of Will the left leg of his precious but also “compensate” for a small family warmth and happiness. At present, his wife and two small children was the most precious thing in life of Will.

After the suspension of work at the FBI, Will Sawyer decided to live a life of adventure and at least stabilize over the hard side, gentler wife. He became expert reviews of security and safety measures of the buildings. This work has brought to the Pearl Tower, with a Will, tallest building in the State and the world with a total of 240. Moreover, the whole family Will also have the chance to become the first inhabitants were living here, to enjoy the most luxurious services at this tower. But the height of main “skyscraper” is causing Will Sawyer always feel suspicion and insecurity by: Jade Tower “possesses high structure and the most advanced in the world. This is really an accomplishment overwhelmed. But if there is, nobody really predict what will happen. ”

Watch Skyscraper online free

The monumental building is the crux of the matter in the film.

Emerald towers rise like a magnificent landmark in the heart of the city, demonstrates the level of a project was created by the greatest minds.

And that fear has become reality when a series of strange happenings occur in succession pushing the family home into a living battle Sawyer. The building with the ultimate security system was breached by a group of strangers are equipped with weapon, attempting to get a “package” secrets are hiding here. 96 floor suddenly caught fire causing the whole building sank into the sea of fire, and can’t seem to put down by the characteristic vertical structure. Both the towers burning as a giant torch, shining city.

Unfortunately when this wife and two children of Will are also inside the Sawyer building. The fire is too large making them stuck and can’t find the way out. But despite the pressure on the besieged by threats both mentally and physically, Will still not stop looking for ways to preserve life for the people he loves the most. And also from here, I discovered that this is not a fire which is a plot of a subterranean force behind, wanted to borrow my wife you do pressure to push him into a fight.

Global icon Dwayne Johnson will lead an ensemble cast in Super summer action blockbuster this Legendary label’s 2018. Starring in a series of famous brands such as Fast & Furious, Baywatch, San Andreas. The same muscular appearance of former WWE Wrestling Championship, the same boyish face natural definition, witty, only Dwayne Johnson’s bail for the success of this film.

Accompanied him as the talented actress Neve Campbell (Scream, The Glass Man), Pablo Schreiber (13 Hours, Den of Thieves), Noah Taylor (Vanilla Sky, Paddington 2) … Besides, this trailer also revealed the presence of model-actress, wife of Prince Mausoleum Con talents made in Taiwan most Jay Chou.

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