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Avengers Infinity War: MCU has far beyond the Universe Film Other

Avengers Infinity War: MCU has far beyond the Universe Film Other

In 2012, does anyone think The Avengers can succeed when a film take six main characters online. In 2018, at Marvel launched the poster with more than twenty people, the world again thought, there’s no way cause they were all impressive.

And then, as the last time. Marvel to prove otherwise.

After ten years of development gradually slow but sure, finally MCU also went to the end for the first generation. This time, the enemy of the superhero is Thanos – Titan with four disciples powerful resource allows more people. All consistent with the mission to bring balance to the universe by killing half the people in the areas they pass through. To the cause of “Salvation” is faster, Thanos decided tracing six infinity stones. When we fully converged, simply snap Thanos, career “family planning” will succeed immediately. But he giant Titan encounter obstacles encountered Avengers detachment.

We can say, for ten years, even won countless praise, almost lost the entire collective MCU when want to create an excellent villain. Loki’s evil featured attraction but this seems to depend on the talents and beauty both British star Tom Hiddleston.

Thought decades he failed to return to the ideal Killmonger profound. Suppose, part of the new film has generated great Thanos and extremely convincing. Consistent, capable and sacrifices, Thanos bring unalterable belief. He did not bloodthirsty, willing to forgive his enemies. Certainly, this is the best villain ever created MCU. Face is covered almost entirely by CGI but Josh Brolin was excellent in interior scenes.

Forums Thanos- Black Order but somewhat dim compared to the comic goods remains strong enough that members Avengers bruising tattered. They also bring a lot of laughter to ease tensions by series of lines bold evangelist “Rejoice because the person is about to die at the hands of Thanos.”

Faced with the villain in Games terrible, strength faction superhero be “upgraded” significant. The most prominent of course is the famous trio: Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

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So enough said about the importance of Iron Man? Although after Black Panther, world known Shuri equal talent, but Tony Stark, no one will deny. Finished a series of “toy” super terrible enough for the Earth to fight with supreme power universe, Iron Man status confirmed floating irreplaceable. Robert Downey Jr. also. Every scene he appeared deserve every penny that Marvel remuneration payments crisis. Again, Robert forcing fan MCU fear of the future is no longer his. Who will be enough to make fans so passionate?

Thor – Thunder Asgard gods have shed more spectacular display again after the movie or Ragnarok. Too much loss has forged son Odin increasingly stronger. Chris Hemsworth also showed progress. Thunder god image moist with tears when talking about real family is one of the best segments of him ever.

Not too brilliant but as Captain America, this is a step out approximately Nomad dark subway Marvel fan can cause trembling with joy between cinemas. Though no longer shield, face nine-added products but Steve Rogers bushy beard thick smoke still gaze at each moment he appeared. Unfortunately, Chris Evans does not want any more imbued Captain after Avengers 4.

Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man – generation next superhero but appear less but retains the charm. All have a separate film, Infinity War to help the audience better understand them. Conversely, two who is rumored to Captain Future – Warrior Falcon winter and not get how much land taking. This is quite confusing because before Infinity War theaters, two directors Russo replaced Bucky image avatar by holding a shield.

Woman Warrior by Black Widow Scarlett Johansson played fine women continue to be the woman most beloved cinematic Marvel universe by the intelligent, calm and courageous. But to divide the land takes a lot also female minister Wakanda – Okoye and being “immersed in” by the strength of Scarlett Witch but black widow enough to prove that she was not someone else who deserves part own movies.

Squad galaxies hold very distinct qualities crazy comedy. However, while Gamora impressed by the segment interior through the superb acting of Zoe Saldana, Rocket, Groot, Mantis and Drax were made audiences love the Star-Lord with his face looks like just increased ten weight and immature personality more or less forever disgraced.

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If a majority of the superheroes are stronger than the two guys ranked first capital “balanced teams” to be drowned tragically. Green Giant completely useless Bruce Banner also owns seven Ph.D. again overwhelmed because knowledge of Shuri teenage girl. Still, they welcomed vanduoc viewers. In contrast, Vision possesses a divine power of Age Of ULTRON becomes too much fade in the new film. May joke that Vision is a model “dirt cake” just wait for people to save.

Many “ex” long time no see back made the fans crazy. However, nobody went to see in the heat of War Infinity hardly know Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Red Skull How important role.

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