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Watch The Revenant online for free | The Revenant 123movies

Watch The Revenant online for free | The Revenant 123movies

Watch The Revenant online for free | The Revenant 123movies

Watch The Revenant online for free: Early August 12/2015, when this film leaked on the net, I’ve read many decry this movie even worse from people as the edgy cinema. I respect gu movies and feel of each person, but I despise and never believe in the movie reviews of someone, when they just see a leak. Because even to death I well have to wait and have a beautiful officially out from DVD, or later by using the Blu-ray disc (if the film was not screened in theaters) rather than ever looking to a leak-for me it is not enough to complete version to see. Watch a nice film beyond the big screen never sense, situations are see a leak, or even worse as a preparation. People make out a hard movie, not to let the viewer enjoy such-like style is also a type of culture that … but that low!

When The Revenant was nominated for 12 Academy Awards this year (I did not appreciate the Golden Globe Awards results?), I dimly envisions the film’s stature. And 28/01/16 tonight, I was watching the whole movie on the big screen, and no doubt it goes beyond all imagination.

Cinema is made artificially, stars give off the feeling as real. But not many movies gives us that feeling. Also The Revenant then pushed the proximity of the viewer emotional honesty, when what we see on the screen is no longer a movie anymore, that is the destiny of a people is going on his life. And of course can’t really, when the movie based on a true story of a real man: legendary Hunter in an emergency period of American wilderness, Hugh Glass!

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Watch The Revenant online for free

Leonardo DiCaprio goddesses excellence into characters, Hugh Glass.

For me, just watch the first 15 minutes is also enough money for tickets, including two panoramas: Landscapes of Aboriginal attack the horde of the White Hunter, and the bear attack-almost tore the body of mid-air Leonardo DiCaprio … Many of the other footage I see with grasping hands unconsciously, because all real looks like a frightening way, such as: police coincides with gun powder, pour the water scene on the mouth but the water flows from the throat out of Red flame JAWS , horse and climb into the gut of moi scene abdomen horses to avoid storms, the scene of two men fight with knives and axes … and many many more scenes that push viewers to the Visual. – Watch The Revenant online for free

But all the stuff above is only attractive for two main courses: first: The cold callous with human, the kind also between people with people. See the Grizzly bears tore the shoes mourning injured Hunter guy, which I still find mercy when it was killed … While we saw frightful tricks cold longer than the ice man’s price when the ruthless kind of neglected at peril. Monday: the overcoming of adversity, when pushed to step in the way of survival. This theme is not new, but it is the of this film at the upcoming Academy Awards, because this topic combines the taste of the American Film Academy!

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Who likes the image of America of southern gentlemanly charm of Leonardo DiCaprio, the forgotten right away. This is the most miserable film, breaking content titles for his film in my life. But this is also a movie worth watching for, devoted to the art for each of the five times the Academy missed … But this film will definitely change the maximum for Leo!

Watch The Revenant online for free completely worthy of the 12 nominated, because the extra items such as film, audio, effects, sound Republic, turned the page, design … have helped push for the film reached the highest emotions. Also the main items … partyingmood right now … Now I boldly “given right” Oscar for: best film, Director (Alejandro g. Irnaritu), best actor (Leonardo DiCaprio), and cinematography (Emmanuel Lubezki)!

If this film won the Oscar for best film (Best Picture) on the upcoming 28/02, personally I think this is the movie to see “have” in the Academy Award Best Picture from the year 2000 until now! Also need to thank National Film Board browser was very civilized when cut extremely violent scenes of this film, the thing that you have been “treated” very kind when not cut scenes of sensitivity of The Danish Girl (girl) just then! Will arrange to see this movie again in Lotte, because here the big screen has a new look!


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