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Watch Sniper: Ultimate Kill online free – Watch Sniper: Ultimate Kill putlocker

Watch Sniper: Ultimate Kill online free – Watch Sniper: Ultimate Kill putlocker

Watch Sniper: Ultimate Kill online free – Watch Sniper: Ultimate Kill putlocker

This is Not a bad movie, but Not as good as Mark Wahlberg’s “Shooter” 2007. Once again another negative stereotype of Colombia. The world knows that Colombia was once known only for drugs and kidnappings in the 70’s and 80′ decades. However, there are a lot of good and positive things in Colombia, which American made films about Colombia are Never shown. Americans and other countries never hear or see the positive side of beautiful Colombia, which I have visited as well as Panama.

Watch Sniper: Ultimate Kill online free full movie

Colombia has some of the most talented singing groups such as Jairo Varela’s Grupo Niche, Shakira, Juanes, Carlos Vives and beautiful singers, Fanny Lu and Carolina La O or actors such as Manolo Cardona, Jorge Abello and the most famous Colombian American actor, John Leguizamos or actresses, beautiful Ana Lucia Dominguez, Danna Garcia, Zulay Henao, Paola Rey,Catherine Siachoque and the most famous Colombian American actress, Sofia Vegara.

This is just as bad as it was for many years in 70’s and 80’s in American cinema, almost all films with African Americans were negative stereotypes of on welfare, deadbeat dads, drug dealers, pimps, gang members, single mothers with five or more kids or Mexican theme films with the same negative stereotype or all Asian films only showing Karate or Gung Fu. It would be nice to see some positive films about Colombia for a change.

Acting is okay from the entire cast, but the stand out performance is Cuban Latina actress, Danay Garcia as a cute, but tough agent who does not take any crap. Danay holds her own in a room full of men or when she is being harassed in a bar or on the streets. This is a nice refreshing look from the usual whiny women victim roles that most actresses play.

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I wonder why the entire cast of actors/actresses names are Not listed in the IMDb credits. Only the few main roles are listed. For example, pretty Colombian Latina actress, Diana Patricia Hoyos or actor, Jaime Correa who plays priest father, Carlos are missing in the IMDb credits.

The plot have been done hundreds of times in flicks such as this one. I knew long before the half way point, there was going to be a snitch or double agent and I figured out that it would be actor Joe Lando in the role of John Sampson. Overall this flick is good for Red Box or cable, but not for theatrical release. The film, “Shooter” is a 10. This is about a 7 max.

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