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Watch A Separation 123movies | Watch A Separation full movie

Watch A Separation 123movies | Watch A Separation full movie

Watch A Separation 123movies: Asghar Farhadi’s new film “About Elly” is set for Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival this year and with half of the contest being done and the rest of the show not so promising, it seems an almost inevitable winner. Although it probably would not be for that reason: Jahar Panahi could not attend his jury duty because the Iranian government refused to issue him a travel permit, reviewing his works including Other ‘Iranian Offside’ products and new Iranian protests have put a definite emphasis on the film industry, but are still limited. All those echoes can add to the artistic value of the film, and remind the jury of a lesser favorite. I hope not, because Farhadi once again managed to put a lot of social criticism into a frank, realistic story.

As in ‘About Elly’, the story starts out quite modestly and disappears suddenly into a fierce event: Nader and Simin are a couple about to break up the question of moving abroad, then they has received a 18-month wait. Nader, however, has his father to take care of, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Sirin still wants to leave, but not without his daughter (yes, pun intended) Termeh, an 11-year-old, slightly embarrassed, bespectacled, can not accept the breakup of his parents. Therefore, she decided to stay with her father, which prompted Simin not to leave the country, but moved to her mother. Nader was forced to hire someone to take care of his father, and a colleague of Sirin suggested the pregnant Razzie. Deep religion, she should not work in a family of a man, but her husband has been laid off for a long time and is threatened by his creditors. Her pregnancy and the need to attend to her daughter add to her stress out. When Nader goes home one day to find his father to leave alone and tied his bed, a fight with Razieh’s return occurs, with catastrophic consequences for people around …

This is a much more complicated set up than ‘About Elly’, but it allows Farhadi to add a lot of additional information to his film as can be obvious to those who are just following the story ( I hesitate to give an example because the film has not yet been released in Iran, meaning that an open source comment like this one needs to be said carefully.) Most of the action takes place in courtrooms where judges try to negotiate between parties without any lawyers present. There is a lot of familiarity, and there are also many threats, which succeed to create the same climate of anxiety, accusation and deception as in ‘About Elly’. The realism of the story is put into a well-planned context, which makes almost every scene in the memory. And as in ‘Introducing Elly’ the decisive moment, the mysterious solver is ignored in the image, just to be verbally explained in the end.

What makes me feel more for this movie is the fact that it may be the last movie of its kind from Iran for some time. Ali Samadi Ahadi, director of Iranian comedy ‘Salami Aleikum’ and the forthcoming documentary on the ‘Green Wave’ rally in July 2009, wrote that the film industry has become a ” virtual rule. ‘Nader and Simin’ were developed at the time of the demonstration; Since then, regulations have become more constrained, with established masters such as Kiarostami or Makhmalbaf forced to work abroad, and others threatened with imprisonment and banning work, of which Panahi is the purse. the most famous example. All the reasons for this film worthy of credit – the victory in Berlin can make Iranian officials rethink, as cinema is almost the last link left to our world. Without the film, how can we understand that the Iranians are a modern man with problems like ours, and not as dangerous fanatics as some media and Will politicians believe us?


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