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Watch renegades online free | Renegades 123movies

Watch renegades online free | Renegades 123movies

Watch renegades online free | Renegades 123movies

Watch renegades online free: are action movies with simple content, but the humor is redundant, promising to bring exciting moments.
This is the story of a talented navy group that performs difficult missions, uncovering a treasure trove of fascist gold worth hundreds of millions of dollars in a lake in Bosnia- Herzegovina. So the group decided to get gold to help the people here, but the enemy also suddenly caught the source of the incident and find a way to scan.

If you’ve seen a lot of Luc Besson’s action-thriller films, like Taken or The Fifth Element, you probably would not want to miss the Renegades. This is also a film written by the scriptwriter, but compared to Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets directed by him, I think the Renegades are a bit more attractive. Instead of setting the scene for a lot of technology, this time Luc Besson took a pen for a script with a very interesting initial action. Moreover, the script has some interesting elements compared to many other action movies written by the scriptwriter is welcome.

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Our main character is a crew of five, including three familiar faces in the action film Sullivan Stapleton, J.K. Simmons and Charlie Bewley. To be honest, the roles are just around the corner and you do not demand anything more than an action movie. There are no scenes of heroism or introspection in the eyes of many other genres. Instead, in addition to the action scenes are quite attractive, the film attracts viewers in the humorous dialogue of the character.

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In the cast, I like the part of J.K. Simmons. He played the character of Admiral Jacob Levin quite “sweet”, and is the “boss” of the Navy SEAL Navy guy. The characters of this character are quite interesting, usually in the style of saying that is not so, bring many implications that I often burst into laughter. Even Matt (Sullivan Stapleton) juggles quite well with this old admiral, especially the embarrassing characters when questioned, creating a sense of fun for the viewer. Charlie Bewley’s character Stanton is a bit pale in the movie. Except for the show, the only female character in the movie is Lara (Sylvia Hoeks), Charlie’s character feels like a supporting role, even making me feel fainter than the supporting role of J.K. Simmons, while his character is the “front line”.

Renegades build a pretty good film circuit, steady pace in keeping the viewer’s emotions between “emotional” and action scenes. The filmmaker is reasonably modest to keep the viewer from feeling sad for too long, but it also does not let you down when the movie is in action, like What Happened to Monday. It made me feel interesting when the characters ran out of tanks fighting in the city and dived deep into the water to continue the naval battle, showing the naval character. Unfortunately, the underwater scenes did not show the “underwater world” as beautiful as I expected, while many land scenes were beautifully shot.

In terms of soundtrack, I quite like some sad segments. These sections make their own mark with the sound of the guitar, which gives rise to the feeling of immense sadness is very difficult to describe. In particular, this emotion is well suited to the plot or plot of the film at that time, not as thin as other films do. Unfortunately, the rest of the segments and action scenes did not have as many memorable footprints.

After all, the Renegades are a pretty entertaining action movie. The plot of the film has no accent, but the film is reasonable. The action scenes in the movie are built to a moderate level, not to the point that you are surprised but interesting enough, do not let you feel disappointed. However, this can be considered a weakness of the film, because it makes viewers feel not “happy” with the action scenes. Anyway, I still appreciate this movie

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