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Watch Higher Power online free | Watch Higher Power putlocker

Watch Higher Power online free | Watch Higher Power putlocker

Watch Higher Power online free | Watch Higher Power putlocker

Film idea is amazing. i saw alot films but this is the best . for people that didnt love it you have problem

Director: Matthew Charles Santoro (as Matthew Santoro)
Writers: Julia Fair, Matthew Charles Santoro (as Matthew Santoro)
Stars: Jordan Hinson, Ron Eldard, Colm Feore

Review Watch Higher Power online free | Watch Higher Power putlocker

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Review Watch Higher Power online free by skip-98756: Human Potential Unleashed!

When i gave this an 8, it is for the part of the movie when the transformation begins.From there to its finale,it becomes pretty mindbending!..If you like shows that give you a glimpse of human potiential, such as Legion,Chronicle,the Phoenix in the xmen series, then this movie will rock ur boat!..we are talking human potiential evolving to a cosmic scale! this is beyond a simple superhero like superman,thor, hulk,thanos, ect and more on par with a being like the phoenix from xmen…yes the buildup was slow, almost lost me, and i thought for a while the movie was going to be abt some guy in a 12 step referring to the Higher power…that early half of the movie ,i would rate a 1, and the transformation till finale, an 8..i thought the effects looked dazzling, not state of the art, on the budget why would u expect that, but man, Creative,Beautiful and very well done cgi to really make you feel you are witnessing a man becoming almost Godlike with power and abilities beyond imagining played out on the screen..I will probably rewatch that transformation part again, with the lights low and the home theater turned up…its That Good!…this is not a perfect movie by any means and falls short in its initial half but comes into its own at the transformation..If you like movies of our latent potential Unleashed, then you will find this movie very unique and satisfying…very good effort for a low budget and a Great showcase of beautiful mindbending cgi work..

Review Watch Higher Power online free by iceman88869: Almost good but it’s just not

Almost all of the acting is terrible and 90% of the dialog is horrible. You never develop any interest in what happens to any of the characters. The main character just does not seem right for the role. The reason I am able to give this movie four stars is because of the special effects. This movie is low budget, but some of the special effects are pretty amazing for it’s budget. The end of the movie is kinda strange, but I can say it was almost good for about 5-10 minutes. The rest of the movie is pretty bad. Though, it is hard to get passed the first like hour and 15 minutes to get to the interesting part because most of the movie is just boring and one of the main character’s daughters is irritating. Not the worst movie I have ever seen, but FAR from the best. Easily forgotten aside from that 5-10 minutes.

Watch Higher Power online free

Review Watch Higher Power online free by jpvl1: $500,000 BUDGET!

Admittedly the build up during the 1st hour was hard to sit through. Yes the other reviews are right.

We need to appreciate the incredible effort it is to create such a wonderfully original? Idea.

Great job guys- maybe just may be you will touch the right people in just the right way too which they begin to understand their OWN potential.

See it for yourself, make up your own mind.

Review Watch Higher Power online free by argento100: Is not bad, pretty decent, watch it if you like sci-fi, is different.

The main review here is too harsh. The movie does have a poor general acting, still better than lots of movies (there is known actors here), the idea of the movie is good. It is interesting enough to watch it, the time pass fast so that means your are entertained. The end is well done.

The effects are not really that bad and I think that more than lack of funds it has actually a deliberated artistic stile. It might be more presumptuous that bad effects.

I enjoyed it and I don’t tolerate bad acting and scripts, so is not that bad.

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Review Watch Higher Power online free by rail-40-145912: Thanos is an insect in comparison with this

I mean not only this movies makes Thanos and all 6 stones look like a pile of nothing and even withouth a story at some points. But Thanos is an insect in comparison with the last part of this movie… 5 for the movie that it came out okeish plus one budget, plus creativity. The rest of the reviews will cover the acting etc.. Main transomation guy’ acting level is minus 50… Yeah, if you consider acting of the main character, this movie goes to – 2. But the originality and parody of the script, a nice touch of mind twist, and it’s finishing brings it up to 7.5. And because there was like a 5 seconds 100 percent copy of my life where a dialog took place that was just every word exact word in word. With that said I’d rather be a fan of an idea and a theory of this creature than whatever heresy you can find in avengers and other interesting but nonsense to reality and staged for masses sgi monsters and over buffed with sgi throw-ups all over those none-rogue starwars. Sgi in this picture is top shelf from old school. It’s cheap for today but it’s good done, no slacking there at all. Will be looking for a book of it and forward a sequel without bad acting!

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