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Watch Avatar online hd | Watch Avatar Yidio

Watch Avatar online hd | Watch Avatar Yidio

Watch Avatar online hd | Watch Avatar Yidio

Watch Avatar online hd: The direction of the talented director James Cameron, the huge budget and excellent 3D graphics techniques, and the compelling content … made a “super” Avatar, one of the blockbuster movies. “Of the world cinema in 2009.

James Cameron – Director of the blockbuster

When it comes to James Cameron, any film lover would associate films such as Terminator, Alien, True Lies … and especially the Titanic, which had a budget of $ 285 million. is the most successful film in world cinema history when it grossed a record $ 1.8 billion and 11 Oscars. However, little is known that in the years of making Titanic blockbuster movies, Cameron has the idea for his next movie, which is Avatar. James Cameron wrote Avatar’s script 14 years ago, two years before the Titanic was born.

Watch Avatar online hd

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A picture in the movie Avatar

James Cameron, in his own words, essentially writes the Terminator in an attempt to “test” the development of film technology, and prepare for longer-term projects in the background. Cameron once told the press: “Before, I wrote the Terminator script to test the technology. Then I decided to write a story where characters and creatures demanded high-end graphics computer graphics, but then designers said they could not do it. ”

Speaking to see, Avatar is the “child” that James Cameron has “conceived” for a long time. It was during his time making movie blockbusters, especially fantasy films such as Alien, Terminator … he has been constantly researching, studying, preparing thoroughly to now, after 14 years “Pregnancy,” along with a huge investment of up to $ 300 million, James Cameron can launch Avatar.

Watch Avatar online hd

Graphic skill too “terrible”

The first impression when watching Avatar was the great creativity of James Cameron when he created the planet Pandora full of ecosystems, trees, animals, people and cultural features. Along with 3D technology, audiences like to actually stray into a mysterious planet with hundreds of meters of tall trees, floating “islands” in the air, glowing vegetation and “chirping” “Too weird.

Anybody watching Avatar will be amazed, amazed and impressed by the creativity of director James Cameron. The images of the beasts in the film are so real that they seem real and people just train and return to their “acting” rather than 3D images built with computers. Every tree, grass, stone are created and grafted into the computer. Sophisticated technologies allow to create a real world, with extraterrestrial details, but completely natural with the eyes of the viewer.

Touching and epic

Any director has to admit that making a movie “comprehensive” is extremely difficult. Almost every film, including the blockbuster movie, will be crippled at some point … Few films receive full accolades from film critics. It looks like the world has only a few films that have achieved that, and it is interesting that one of those films is James Cameron’s Titanic. Almost every journalist present at the premiere of Avatar praised the film.

Avatar brought the audience to a completely new magical world, where Jake started the journey of rescue and discovery when he led a great war to save the civilization of a planet. With its built-in storyline and the latest in filmmaking, Avatar is a mix of genres: science fiction, adventure, action and drama. The rudimentary archers fought back to modern bomber aircraft.

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The technique used in Avatar is highly appreciated by professionals

One thing that is noticeable in Cameron’s films is the immortal power of love. It is the power of love with the warrior Na’vi Neytiri has helped Marines Marine Jake realize his path to go. He accepts to ignore the temptation of a burning desire to heal his paralyzed legs.

Through this love story, Cameron has ingeniously incorporated his love message for nature. The cause of the story also starts with human destruction and depletion of natural resources, so that it must invade another planet. And thanks to her love for warrior Neytiri, with nature, people Padora, the Marines Marines have the power to bring peace to the planet.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote about Avatar’s debut: “The power of cinema is back. Twelve years after the Titanic, James Cameron pointed out that he was right. James Cameron is the world king “

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