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It took five years to make ‘Moana’

It took five years to make ‘Moana’

To create the success of Disney’s last animated film in 2016, Moana, the film crew spent more than five years studying the culture of the Polynesian tribe.

The veteran duo John Musker and Ron Clements have shared in the Hollywood Reporter about the creation of Moana’s animated film Moana 123movies

Moana is expected to be a beautiful ending for Disney in the season ending this year when the new 5 days since the release, the film has collected more than 80 million dollars only North American box office.

Director John Musker shared the idea of ​​producing the film, which began more than five years ago when he began exploring the anecdotes of Polynesia. “I am very interested in the diversity and richness of culture there, especially the story of the goddesses like Maui. Although Maui is a person described as a cheater, braggart but brave and superpower, “Musker said.
Moana’s production is expected to cost no less than $ 150 million from Disney because the crew takes a long time to research and edit the story to best suit the Polyesian culture.

The filmmakers repeatedly visited linguists, archaeologists and even sailors in the sea. As a result, there are constant changes in the storyline. According to director Ron Clements, they originally built moana putlockers as a big fan of Maui but eventually decided to change the whole.

The pair of directors John Musker and Ron Clements, who follows Aladdin’s success, The Little Mermaid and the latest The Princess and the Frog, explain the level of appeal Moana made to the public: “Moana and Jasmine in Aladdin is very intelligent and brave. But we think that Moana is even more outstanding than the other characters because not only she has overcome many challenges but also the way she thinks when she wants to give up. ”

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Moana is rated not only as a children’s drama but also contains many deep lessons for adults to reflect on. Exaggerated graphics, in-depth content, and outstanding characters are helping Moana gain more momentum in the fight against other animated films, especially the hit-and-run comic Finding Dory.

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