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Tom Cruise lawyer movie: Watch A Few Good Men 123movies

Tom Cruise lawyer movie: Watch A Few Good Men 123movies

Tom Cruise lawyer movie – In one of the most talked-about scenes in the movie, Navy Commander Jo Galloway (Demi Moore), a lawyer who helps protect two Marines in a murder trial, is asked why she like these guys. And she replied, “Because they stand on a wall, and they say nothing will hurt you tonight, not on my watch. ‘ It can summarize the sense of responsibility and honor, highlighting the conflict of ‘Some Good Men’, directed by Rob Reiner, starring Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise. The code, by which a good Marine lives and dies, is: Unit, Corps, God, Country, but to be valid, that code must also include truth and justice; Question asked by director Reiner, who examined the parameters of the footage with this film, focused on the murder of a young private group named William Santiago, who was killed while stationed at the Marine Corps Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where Capt. Galloway, Special Attorney for the Interior The case in the Army General Command Judge in Washington, DC Galloway, examines the perfect service records of two Marines accused, convincing his superiors that a thorough investigation is warranted in This case, although there are people in high places, who would rather see this bargain bargain and set to rest.

Tom Cruise lawyer movie

Galloway persists, however, believing that Santiago’s death may be the result of a ‘Code Red’, a disciplined approach used in certain circles of the Corps, though unsuitable. French. And if this is a Red Code, the real question is, who ordered it? In the end, her persistence prevailed, but Galloway was a seasoned lawyer, with little practical experience in the courtroom, so Lt. Daniel Kaffee (Cruise) was appointed, along with Lieutenant Sam Weinberg (Kevin Pollak), with Galloway. , To support. Kaffee, the son of a legendary lawyer, skated through the first nine months of his Navy career, successfully negotiating forty-four cases. Outside optimistic and easy to see, Kaffee seems to be more interested in his softball game than with the time he spent on work. But underneath, he is facing his life in the dark of the reputation of his late father, which is a problem that he faces if he succeeds in the outcome of his this case. And in this game, he will have a formidable opponent: Colonel Nathan R. Jessup (Nicholson), who controls the base at Guantanamo.

When Jessup, Nicholson gave a performance, and once he entered the movie, you could feel the tension that he brought, that started swelling right away, and Reiner made a great job to maintain to the end. Jessup is a soldier of the old guard, a narrow-minded and special-minded; Let Jessup have two ways to work: his path and the wrong way. He is a man – as he says – eat breakfast three hundred meters away, and he does not intend some lawyers in his white dress to threaten him. And that’s the attitude that Nicholson brings to this role. When he speaks, you not only hear him loud and clear, you believe him. It’s a strong performance and, as you’d expect from Nicholson, is absolutely convincing and reliable.

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Cruise also showed one of the best performances of his career was Kaffee. He fully grasped the distance Kaffee initially involved in the case, as well as the determination he pursued later. Cruise is persuading this character, and some of the best scenes in the movie are the scenes he played with Nicholson in the courtroom, most notably in which Kaffee exclaimed to Jessup, “I want the truth!” Jessup replied, “You can not handle the truth!” And the atmosphere was quite rift.

Moore was also excellent, and she kept herself and made her presence felt even in scenes dominated by Nicholson and Cruise. That’s a good move by Moore, who deserves more than just mentioning it. At the same time turning to the notable performances of Pollak, the dry humor adds an additional touch to the film, and Wolfgang Bodison, who made an impressive debut as Lance Corporal Dawson, of the Marines in the trial for murdering Santiago.

Additional cast includes Kiefer Sutherland (Kendrick), Kevin Bacon (Ross), James Marshall (Downey), J.T. Walsh (Markinson), Cuba Gooding Jr. (Hammaker) and Christopher Guest (Dr Stone). A strong movie, well-presented by Reiner, “Some good men” is an agitated, unforgettable motion picture that makes you pause for a moment to consider some things that are not. see.

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