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The Matrix putlocker – Watch The Matrix online

The Matrix putlocker – Watch The Matrix online

The Matrix putlocker: The benchmark for all sci-fi films to come

The story of a major Christophobic protagonist against the MTV platform, The Matrix is ​​a wonderful combination of magic and contextual excellence that should be the norm for all science films. Fiction.

Hollywood has had some problems combining form and material in the science fiction genre. There are a lot of great visuals but no one cares about heroes. There are a few, it raises interest and wisdom, but no one ‘ooh’-ed or’ aah’-ed at the effects. special. With The Matrix, both elements are completely synchronized. Not only do we want to cheer for the heroes to win, we want them to rub the opposition. Not only did we sit in fear as Neo hid the bullets in limestone fashion, we salivated.

But news what makes The Matrix putlocker cut across the rest of the genre’s genre is simply not a loopholes. Written by brothers Wachowski is smart but careful not geeky. The kung-fu sequence was clever shot – something even Bruce Lee would be proud of. Take a breathtaking picture. (I bet if you had to cut each frame on the roll and it was developed and printed, each single frame would stand its own.) And acting? Probably not the best Keanu Reeves but just tell me an actor who has a box office complaint but can portray the main character Neo, an employee who is not vulnerable and vulnerable, in a way Reeves did. But, think about it, if you hit any actor next to Laurence Fishburne, you would have to confuse the actor with a bad character. As Morpheus, Mr. Fishburne is simply ugly! The eye of his mentor in Advanced Studies, no one can see that power of Mr. Fishburne. His character, fighting-scarred but always composing Morpheus, was given extra dose of death (he loved Neo to a fault) only Mr. Fishburne could flesh out.

People will say what they want to say about The Matrix as well but the bottom line is: finally there is a philosophical film that cuts across this generation. My generation. Wachowski’s brothers can write a little P.S. Be aware when they finish the script say: THINK TO A TIME on your presence. What is a matrix, you ask? Something closer to reality than you think.

Either that or it was my personal choice for the best movie of all time.

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Watch The Matrix online: Life in reality

What makes special matrices are visual effects like Bullet Time are often imitated in movies and other video games. Wachowski simply knocked it out of the park.

Keanu Reeves is Mr. Anderson, a regular computer programmer in the daytime and a secret hacker called Neo at night, who is suddenly spotted by government agents controlled by a spy named Hugo Weaving. , after a computer hacker Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) contacted.

Morpheus believes Neo is ‘One.’ People live in a fake reality that controls humans and Neo will lead the harvesters to revolt against the fake real-world machines.

The movie combines science fiction with Hong Kong martial arts and elements of Japanese manga animation as inspiration.

Keanu Reeves in his element is a world where he does not understand the world around him. He looks cool and performs well in martial arts. I reconsider this genre was created for the failure of Johnny Mnemonic.

Laurence Fishburne is even cooler when Morpheus guides Neo in this new situation and how to defeat the system. Carrie-Ann Moss is a beautiful black girl like Trinity, who shows supernatural power.

The film has a philosophical foundation as Wachowski asks us to address the world around us and our existence in it.

The movie is cool, it’s hip but I feel a bit too long and rarely face. However, Wachowski was able to catch lightning in a bottle that they could not do with the sequels.

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