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Status Update: school comedy exciting

In the past few years, Vietnamese audiences have been continuously experiencing a series of blockbuster hype, but the film for teenage school also less gradually. This year’s exciting summer launch, Status Update, promises to bring fresh air to young audiences, especially young students, through a meaningful and emotional story. laughter cheery.

Separated by parents, Kyle Moore (Ross Lynch) has to follow her mother to a new city and school is very strange to Connecticut. With his appearance, dress, hairstyle and style, where he skirts the skateboard, the guy makes everyone discriminate and is the teasing target of the top guy in school.

At one of the corruptions, Kyle was given a mysterious man with a mysterious application called U-Niverse. Thanks to this application, the boy could wish for it, including fame, girlfriends, friends and even hockey and dancing as a superstar. Until this application fails, gives Kyle unexpected things, and even makes the new guy no longer be himself.

Kyle’s self-discovery journey takes place when he wants to return to his old self, as well as trying to correct the mistakes and injuries he has caused to his relatives and friends. But did you succeed without the help of “miracle application”?

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High school years are considered to be the best time of life, but sometimes it is also a difficult year. Status Update reflects the reality of today’s social networking, especially in high school environments. Many young people define their values ​​by number of followers or likes.

Their reputation is only a few thousand clicks away. But what they put on the social network also bring about certain consequences. Kyle, the main character in the film, has learned two important lessons. First, through the filter of social networking, whoever looks perfect, but without this filter, no one else is. The second lesson is to live your own life and not depend on other people’s delusions.

With the arrival of Ross Lynch’s talented young cast, Olivia Holt, Courtney Eaton, a combination of producer Step Up and writer of 17 Again, Status Update will bring the audience. An exciting school film.

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