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The perfection of The Dark Knight

The perfection of The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is a movie monument of the superhero movie genre, rated by critics in the world as the best superhero movie of all time. Debuting in July 2008 with the hand of master director Christopher Nolan, the Dark Knight has broken the record for pre-sale tickets and sales, along with a number of prestigious film awards and nominations. However, at the time of 2008, really gratifying review as well as many other Vietnamese viewers have not been able to enjoy this super movie at the cinema.

Luckily, the review has had a chance to watch this blockbuster on the big screen at the Cinema Beta Cinema won. This is the 10th anniversary of the film The Dark Knight is released as well as commemorate the departure of genius actor Heath Ledger.This is really a rare opportunity for those who have, and will adore DC superheroes in particular and love The dark knight rises putlocker in general, to enjoy and experience this blockbuster on the wide screen, chair Sit quietly and sound. Let’s review some of the sensations about this classic movie.

A movie passes the available stereotypes

It must be pointed out that The Dark Knight is in DC’s Batman movie trilogy, but in some respects the Dark Knight is not just a superhero movie but a picture of a comic. The argument between crime and justice is a frantic debate between the two sides on moral and social views. This movie is different from other superhero films when there is a battle between superheroes capable of non-frogs confronting monsters with conspiracy to destroy the world.

The Dark Knight is the battle between the most human superhero (Batman) with predators, mad but as deep as the Joker. This has created the character of the film: both close, familiar and unreasonable, but can be explained by reasonable reasoning, thereby creating attraction to viewers and make them deep Behold, the way of thinking of the filmmakers.

Indeed, Christopher Nolan has shocked both critics and viewers that an action movie can reach the reach of the classics, and how many times it is not boring. Unfortunately for him, the best director award went to Nolan, but all admitted that the Dark Knight was a place full of action, sound, The story is intriguing, seamless but very complex, lacerating many climax as well as reasonable, close to understandable and easy to grasp.

The Dark Knight’s most distinctive feature is that the more viewers, the more audiences are drawn to the film with more insight, analysis and new insights from the plot. At 150 minutes, you will probably be bored with such long films, but with The Dark Knight, you’ll be immersed in the storytelling of the filmmakers and remember only the time, the time when the screen black the same credit line show up.

The Dark Knight

A work with excellent content

Many people will think superhero movies are quite contentious or entertaining and are intended for children. However, if you watch The Dark Knight, you will completely change that view of yourself. The movie is just brainwashing and challenging non-stop games between the Joker and Batman but more accurately Joker alone weighs the world to prove that people are really evil or not.

Opening the screen is a monstrous bank robbery that is perfectly planned. This perfection does not stop at every step of breaking into the bank’s vault, but also in the Joker’s use of his accomplices to kill each other and take him alone on the prepared bus. , joined the shuttle bus and escaped in front of police. Actually there are not many films where the opening of the film has come to such a frame and the viewer has to illusory about himself or why he is chalked up, the ugly lipstick has a great plot as to so

The film’s content is excellent because of the successive issues directed by the director in front of the viewer in a crowded way, but the lang lang, so that the viewer gradually open their views on the lives of the characters. If Batman is a hidden hero, do justice but do not obey the law and spread fear to the bosses, sister in Gotham City, Harvey Dent – the district prosecutor represents the Integrity in law, but easy to fall when faced with the event of life and put aside the justice for two words of chance.

Joker is different. His point is to create a kind of crime class, he wants to challenge Batman about the point of justice, want to let Batman realize his mischievous sense of direction is false and assert the madness created should be fair. These three extremes were clearly portrayed in the film with chases, terrorist attacks, conspiracies, choices and altered characters. Such a philosophy, but who knows, the movie is not too good, too successful and anything else.

Another feature of the film is the big screen battle between the two largest cultural monuments in the world comic world – Batman and Joker in a successful, lively, authentic and wonderful. In this battle, while the Joker has nothing to lose, Batman has so much to protect. Joker always find a way to put Batman in the hardest position, causing him to recognize the fact that he can not protect everyone.

Also, in this confrontation, the controversy can be seen whether Batman or the crime, police, lawyers, prosecutors, mayor …. and even the viewer was led by the Joker and went one step ahead. There are so many plot twist and the dramatic rise of that turning point is clearly revealed to be the ultimate goal of the Joker – to prove his living truth: human nature is cowardly, vicious And only madness brings justice to this life.

Joker appeared in the movie to occupy the splotlight is but still not away from the common theme, that is heroic. The film gives a great view on the superhero that only the new Batman represented. Batman is different from other heroes, in the eyes of the people and the government of Gotham, he is also a criminal but this crime goes evil with other offenders. Before the Joker plot, he also hesitates to think about the purpose of doing Batman, he also has moments of weak desire to let go when the pressure to keep identity or let the Joker killed people one by one. A very ordinary, close-knit, and human Batman is portrayed by Nolan as a counterweight to Joker’s insanity.

In the movie, Batman takes on all the responsibilities that Harvey Dent makes about himself so that Harvey’s image is beautiful in the public eye, so that people believe the good is still alive and many people still dare to stand up for the fight. it. In contrast, Batman was pursued by the police, hated by the people, hate but he never blamed it. Batman is not the hero he needs now, he is the dark knight, mysterious and only appears when night cover the small Gotham city.

With a great script by director Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer himself, The Dark Knight almost “brainwashed” the audience with two villains Joker and Harvey Dent. It brings in the concern of every viewer about the line between good and evil, between the brutal evil and the good of the world that are really blurred. We feel bad about ourselves because of our own weakness and selfishness, as well as distrust in our own world view, in the good things we once believed. It is very rare to have a film that gives the audience that thought.

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Joker – he was crazy about that

Watch The Dark Knight online free brings together the best cast members we’ve ever seen in a superhero movie with five Oscar-winning actors. However, the highlight of the movie that refers to it is Heath Ledger in the classic play – crazy joker.

It must be noted that Batman is very impressive but the Joker is the one who makes everything of the film perfect. A madman in true sense but extremely intelligent and confident enough to be scared. His actions are not intended, but everything is well calculated, precise, meticulous and extremely difficult to grasp. He is crazy but throughout the movie, he is really the most sober person.

No need to use powerful weapons or abilities, with his wisdom and wit, the Joker from a single hunted man becomes a chase on Batman – the role model for justice, Forcing Batman to reveal himself and make the city of Gotham terrified him. What makes the viewer so obsessive is the insanity, brutality and disorganization of the Joker, he even does not care about the bonus, simply Joker wants to be caught up in the game with the same level – Batman, making He became more perfect. The most dangerous of the Joker is that he is too human to understand and he uses it to do his evil purposes. Viewers will find that Joker seems to enjoy each of the plays he is a staging person, while the stage clowns are Batman and the Gotham people.

Joker’s version of Ledger also shows viewers the ability to torment, slaughter the innocent Joker and turn Gotham City into ashes. The Joker has been pushed up into enemies

The beauty of the Joker is that it comes from philosophical statements and deep inner thoughts. Just enter the keyword “quotes of Joker” or “Joker’s quotes, surely there are millions of results that appear immediately for this query. Therefore, do not analyze the statement of this clown that what I want to mention that is the experience of the Joker of life is certainly great he drew up such statements and so on. The Joker’s jaw actually goes beyond mediocrity. He is a genius with a negative ideology but reasonable and pragmatic.

Joker’s success not only comes from the script but also from Heath Ledger’s excellent acting skills. He completely dominated the film by his dramatic acting, fully embodied in the Joker as he was born to play the role. The joker’s madness has entered him, causing him to become depressed and die of suicide shortly after. Ledger’s iconic joker has become the norm for film villains, and so far none of the films has been countered by the way he portrayed them. At the 81st Academy Awards, Heath Ledger won the Best Supporting Actor nomination, though he was resting with his haunting voice and the legendary “Why so sesious?” best body.

Despite watching this movie quite a few times on TV and the internet, however, this view still brings a new and exciting experience. The fact that space, picture quality and sound at the cinema make everything in the film more attractive and new with the action, play or the fun to experience more things. from the mind and psychology of the characters in the film. If you have not had a chance to watch this movie at the theater 10 years ago, this is really a rare opportunity for you to experience the movie

In short, it is not enough to write about the Dark Knight, nor is it able to comprehend all the intriguing insights that the director and writer put in it. Although the film still has minor errors but can not deny that the Dark Knight is one of the best films of humankind. The success of Batman 2008 has created a shadow that is so large that the latter part of DC is always compared to such a high standard, so invisible to the superhero universe movie this. are busy to crush the critics and the mass audience. Hopefully, in the future, The Dark Knight is not a barrier but a symbol for other DCEU films in particular and other superhero films in general to inspire, to bring more quality work. More for movie lovers.

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