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Kevin Hart Dwayne Johnson film: The new comedy of Hollywood movies

Kevin Hart Dwayne Johnson film: The new comedy of Hollywood movies

Actors Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson have a perfect combination in the movie Jumanji – Fantasy Game. The combination of the two actors in color has brought the audience has a good laugh.

Kevin Hart Dwayne Johnson film are no strangers to moviegoers. Especially the former wrestler The Rock has become so familiar in the series Fast and Forious.

In the year 2016 Kevin Hart and Dwayne Jonhson first joined together in the action comedy film Spy Couple. This is the first time the two have been together but have had the smallest detail. With acting talent and humor, the two stars constantly bring the situation funny, crying but funny but full of thrilling and attractive.

Last December, the couple had a comeback together in Jumanji super-game Fantasy. This is the film that is making the wind at the current theaters and promising box office revenue “terrible.”

Kevin Hart Dwayne Johnson film

Jumanji is a fantasy adventure film about a group of four high school students fined for cleaning the school basement. There, they discovered a classic game called Jumanji. The four of them picked up the role-playing characters and started playing, but they were suspicious of being caught up in the game’s inner world and living up to the looks and character of the character they had chosen before.

In the world of the game they have to survive the challenges and must overcome all obstacles to return to normal life.

Here, when together overcome the challenges, the four people have excellent roles and bring to the audience thrilling situations, but equally brilliant humor, lively.

There is no argument about the ecstatic performances of the four main actors in the movie: The Rock, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and her beautiful Karen Gillan. They are the names that guarantee the box office and attract the audience to the cinema.

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In particular, The Rock “muscular” duo and black guy Kevin Hart will combine into a pair of quirky and impressive couples. With Kevin Hart, the guy who owns a fancy charm when just a slight facial shift is a laughing effect for the audience.

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are considered Hollywood’s new comedy duo. The opposite of their appearance is also the impression that makes laughter attractive in every movie with their appearance. Fans for this reason also expect the combination of Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson in the next movie project.

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