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Jack-Jack has a super capacity in “Incredibles 2”?

Jack-Jack has a super capacity in “Incredibles 2”?

Teaser Trailer’s recent “The Incredibles 2” gave fans sauce Canned Air xình the extraordinary ability of Jack-Jack boy.

Watch The Incredibles 2 online free is one of the films associated with childhood 9x generation. The film is directed by Brad Bird power could be launched in 2004 by the maker Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

The Incredibles is considered as the best film Pixar ever when scoring 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and bring about $ 700 million. Also the film achieved two Oscar for best animated film and sound editor.

Along with the development of the genre by storm superhero movie, after 13 years, Disney – Pixar has released the first teaser for The Incredibles 2. The film will follow the event from the first film, focus on Elasigirl and Mr. Incredible will stay home Jack-Jack raised.

In Part 1, the audience has repeatedly laughed at the screen transforms Jack-Jack’s signature is in the teaser and trailer of this period revealed that Mr. Incredible detect morphing capabilities of boys, promising many things “cry smile” forthcoming.

However, the movie fans probably always wonder that this newborn child how much data capacity? Although not yet fully developed and is not yet in control of their own behavior but Jack-Jack has many capabilities such as self-combustion or shifted.

In recent teaser, Jack-Jack was shown to be more than that. A baby in nappies just a few seconds short were invisible, then the laser beam emerges from Jack-Jack’s eyes.


Moreover, when Bob discovers that his son is capable, it’s the moment that Jack-Jack innocent giggle and sneezing. Immediately, the audience could see the arrival of electricity and lightning orb. Thus in the teaser has six extraordinary ability which owns Jack-Jack.

With his superpowers, Jack-Jack promises to bring fans voyeuristic action scenes, dramatic but no less fun.

Incredibles 2 is directed by Brad Bird, is expected to launch on 06.15.2018.

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