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Incredibles 2 is cartoon trailer most viewed all time

Incredibles 2 is cartoon trailer most viewed all time

The Incredibles 2‘ again after 13 years of absence and after less than one week only became animated film with the most viewed trailer of all time showed very terrible attraction of the film.

Recently, the film The Incredibles – Superman Family has officially released the trailer for part 2, back after 13 years to fans waiting. And the love that the audience for this lovely family, the trailer of the film has quickly become animated trailer most viewed of all time. Also, No. 7 in the list of movies to date and only animated movie The Incredibles is in this list. Update the movie at losmovies

Specifically, the number of viewers of a movie trailer is to be appreciated:

1. It is: 197 million

2. The Fate of the Furious: 139 million

3. Thor: Ragnarok: 136 million

4. Beauty and the Beast: 127.6 million

5. Star Wars: the Last Jedi: 120.1 million

6. Fifty Shades Darker: 114 million

7. the Incredibles 2: 113 million

8. Star Wars: the Force Awakens: 112 million

the Incredibles is a story about family 5 occupants organic special abilities: Mr. Incredible with extraordinary strength, mother Elasticgirl capable elastic body, sister Violet capable both stealth and strength magnetic field, the second son and youngest superfast Dash Jack-Jack transfiguration.

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In the new trailer lasted only lasted less than a minute, but the emergence of super cute baby Jack-Jack and uncle familiar melody of the movie made fans really booming and excitement.

In this new installment, Jack continues the hearts of the audience melted by the look plump and lovely voice laughed. At the same time, the boy causing excitement by owning a new supernatural powers: laser launcher, and innocent father burned hair array after a sneeze made him uncontrollable strength.

Launched the first part of 2004, The Incredibles was storming at the global box office and brought the Disney-Pixar nearly 700 million, a figure “crisis” at that time than it cost to produce modest 92 million. Teaser trailer revealed exciting new also promising part 2 of the series will continue to be a cute cartoon works, rich in adventure and contains many humorous elements.

The Incredibles 2 – expected in theaters May 06.15.2018.

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