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“The Flash” ended the first season in a great way

“The Flash” ended the first season in a great way

With its engaging storyline and great actors, “The Flash” first season has given the audience so many great moments until the end.

In the 2014/2015 season, there are a lot of superhero TV series that are broadcasted like Arrow, Gotham, Constantine, Agents Of SHIELD, Agent Cater, Daredevil … Most of these series are pretty good quality. (except Arrow season 3), so The Flash is no exception. It’s no exaggeration to say that The Flash and Daredevil are the first two series to have the best season ever, while Arrow took a month or two to progress and Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. spent nearly a season first.

For solarmovie the flash, the fact that the series was not started separately from the beginning was only a sister series of Arrow. Therefore, Flash does not have to spend a lot of time introducing a movie world that Arrow has ever set up before, even without introducing Barry Allen / The Flash by Grant Gustin. He also appeared in Arrow Season 2. The series also played an important role in expanding CW’s superhero universe, either through the introduction of the Firestorm character or the crossover episode with Arrow.

All of the above set for The Flash was a pretty good start and a start. Young actor Grant Gustin, although his body shape is not suitable for The Flash but he has shown quite good character of this character. He is less fierce than Arrow’s Oliver Queen despite a tragic past. Gustin brings us a young, smart, but sometimes awkward and funny little Barry Allen.

Most of the first season of The Flash is the episode with a different story every week. This is not a big story, but instead, each episode will revolve around the battles between The Flash and the various villains. Even so, all of these episodes have small details that speak to each other, forming a major structure that revolves around Dr. Schwartz’s plot. Wells and the personal relationship of each character. That is what makes The Flash come alive, along with a series of other beautiful action scenes.

The two elements that make The Flash so great are the effects and the cast. Although the effects of the film can not be as epic as other superhero blockbusters, the producers can still manage to make the screenplay of The Flash come alive through each episode. The second major factor is the supporting cast. Series brings us a lot of emotions that revolve around Barry’s relationships with friends, family and allies. The father of Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and his sister Iris (Candice Patton) resemble Barry’s spirit in his most distressing days. Barry’s close allies, who have helped him in the war against the villains, include Dr. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) with a strong temperament and funny Carlos Rams (Carlos Valdes).

Tom Cavanagh as Dr. Harrison Wells is the star of the series. Although it is easy to predict the truth that Wells was the biggest villain of the first season, but thanks to Cavanagh’s performance, we were always distracted by Wells’s considerate care for Barry as well as malicious intentions. the hero. In addition, other actors in the supporting roles also performed very well, including Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold and Mark Hamill as The Trickster.

However, The Flash is not necessarily without weakness, typically the love between Iris and Eddie (Rick Cosnett) is somewhat uneven. Writers have not fully approached Eddie. He may be Barry’s rival, but Eddie is never a bully and ambitious, just a poor guy with pitiful hopes. For Iris, there were some episodes where her role was just to appear out there. Love story between Barry, Iris and Eddie has a few memorable moments, but in some episodes, they become redundant. Especially the episode “Out Of Time”, this love story was built quite silly.

The film “The Man in the Yellow Suit” introduces the main villain, Reverse Flash, and establishes the biggest conflict of the entire first season. A series of interesting questions are set around whether Dr. Wells are plotting for Barry. However, if you are a comic fan, you will be able to guess the whole story. However, the episodes near the end also had some interesting surprises.

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It is interesting to note, though, that Arrow’s spin-off series is never shy of fanfare than its predecessor. When you have a superhero hero, is it necessary to make the series practical? Whether it’s juggling some sort of superhuman such as time travel, telepathic super-gorilla or weather-driven super-criminals, The Flash can handle more color than previous DC movies. Humor plays an important element in the series but it does not become too big. That’s why Flash is doing a lot better than Arrow.

The final episode of The Flash, “” Fast Enough, “was really a moment of the season’s first glory. It does not go into the fight of Flash and Reverse Flash but rather focuses on the psychological aspect. There is a strong feeling when Barry is forced to decide whether to save his mother or not. Every actor in this episode has one of the best performances of the season. However, the end of the last episode also poses a big question and wonder. The audience probably still wants a more definitive ending like Arrow did.

In general, the first season of The Flash has done a great job of establishing a hero and building the plot as well as the supporting characters in the movie.

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