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Adam Warlock appears in the Avengers 4

Adam Warlock appears in the Avengers 4

A series of characters related to the stone soul refers to fans and Adam Warlock to emerge as the next character.

In Avengers: Infinity War, always the soul stone is a great curiosity for everyone, many people believe that the stone may be the key to ending the war. The stone soul capable of swallowing, steals, imprison and change souls of living creatures. When mounted onto infinity gloves, it has the ability to control the lives of the entire universe.

And this power has been used in the last section Thanos Infinity War when wiped half the life of the universe by sucking the souls of half the universe into the stone. And people are thought to have an important role in the use of Adam Warlock’s soul gem.

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In the comic version, Adam Warlock is Soul stone’s employer, moreover also the enemy of team evil Thanos. In the next Avengers 4 can this super hero himself will lead the general strike Thanos then ripped the soul out of the stone Infinity gloves save half the universe has been destroyed him.

According to the source material, Warlock comic book created by a group of Earth scientists want to create a perfect species strains significantly and is called the Messiah. However, who has overcome the restraint of the guys her and escape safe in a cocoon from which regenerate under new name Warlock.

In the process space ventures travel, he met one other powerful entities are the High Evolutionary, who has created a replica of the Earth.

He has recruited and new name for him is Adam Warlock, then give him the stone soul (Soul Gem) to liberate the human on the planet to the other copy from their sins.

After completing the task of Adam continued to travel across the universe, Thanos and encounter after discovering his intentions when collecting the infinity, Adam decided to prevent Thanos from destroying cosmic intentions. Can say this character is “etched glass” of Thanos, between 2 people had much fight very fiercely.

Adam Warlock has the power, speed and ability to fly thanks to the control of quantum magic. In addition, with the owner of the stone soul Warlock has the ability to use it-the other soul or freed the souls trapped in stone.

In fact the character has also appeared on the screen. You think back to a movie of Marvel was launched at the beginning of the year 2017 “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”. In the film, the Group Galactic Guard accidentally cause enemies to drug people, complete with resentment of America Sovereign. Therefore, the high priestess of Ayesha did not stop after the Guards anywhere.

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To the end of the movie, the revenge was not not Ayesha guards, but also squander the entire flotilla Sovereign. In the scene after-credits of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2, the Saudi was the his peers confront, but Ayesha claimed to have completed an extremely great invention, to the extent any flaws of Saudi will be ignored. Development that is in an Incubator, and Ayesha name it is Adam, it is also a powerful figures are very scary.

If the actual Adam Warlock appears in the Avengers 4 stroke evil “Purple potato” we see a lot of difficulties. When the superhero hybrid combination, add the Adam and Captain Marvel Thanos had despite winning all six infinity stones will also not easy win.

If this prediction is correct, then the character turns into dust in the Infinity War will all have the chance to live again. However, the character was murdered in other ways will not get lucky. Truth eagerly wants to turn end of the Avengers will.

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