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2:22 movie review – Watch 2:22 online free

2:22 movie review – Watch 2:22 online free

2:22 movie review – Watch 2:22 online free

2:22 movie review that’s as much as you should see about this movie. Or well, if you’re expecting some dump plot that might entertain a few people, then watch it, but i can assure you, there’s nothing memorable about this film.

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The acting wasn’t particularly good, the script was simple and predictable, the direction was flat… This is one of those movies that yes, may have the money and resources to make a good project, but just lacks a soul. Let’s forget all the things i said before about acting, direction and script, let’s just talk about how i felt while watching the film. Did it make me fell…excited? No!, sad? No!, happy? No!, and i could continue but i guess you got my point. The only thing i felt was getting bored and regretting the money i paid in the theater.

2:22 movie review – Watch 2:22 online free by pat-394: Enjoyable sci-fi thriller that doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not.

Watch 2:22 online free

Keeping this short, I don’t understand why there’s so many negative reviews of this flick. I see a repeating pattern for genre movies such as this, in that the sex & explosions popcorn actioner crowd seem to take it personally when they don’t understand what’s going on.

Above average movies such as this and other hidden gems like “Predestination” get an unfair rap from the instant gratification legions, who seemingly don’t like any pointed reminders that they’re stupid.

Good casting, locations, cinematography and a breathtaking soundtrack used to the best possible effect make this a welcome addition to the stable of movies that you wouldn’t usually watch because of all the naysayers, but are glad you did once you do. Yeah, there’s some minor plothole issues and the pacing was a bit confusing at times, but the good far outweighs the bad.

Watch it.

2:22 movie review – Watch 2:22 online free by ario-34119: Good promise that doesn’t end into anything

This film is okay if you have nothing better to do. The cast, first of all, are beautiful and performing well. The story starts out interesting, but is developing very slowly into something that you’d expect to a be big revelation, while the romance is developing quite nicely.

But after waiting to the end, there’s practically nothing revealed. This will get two additional stars from me for the revelation. The six are for the cast, direction and overall production value.

222 movie review

2:22 movie review – Watch 2:22 online free by Harrison Tweed (Top Dawg): Overall a very enjoyable film with outstanding Direction and amazing Cinematography!

This movie had some great features/moments and a few flaws, but considering the B-list actors, it was very enjoyable. I am shocked at the current 5.5/10 rating and hope it increases substantially.

Let’s start off with the great moments and work our way down to the few flaws.

Soundtrack: I want it! Amazing choice of music.

Directing – Paul Currie: I’ve never heard of this Director, and it seems this is only his second major movie directorial debut, but what an outstanding job he did! From the perfect angle shots, to the aerials looking down, the close-ups or the slow-mo shots – perfect timing and they sure set the mood on point. I feel the directing in this film is right up there with the top Hollywood Directors, so bravo Paul, excellent job and I look forward to more of your films!

Cinematography: Perfect! Clearly the Directors choices worked great with the Director of Photography’s skills. The visual choices where all outstanding especially the airplane scenes, the aerial ballet and hologram art exhibit are all to be highly noted. The creative choices for the various scenes were perfect, as were the location sets.

Editing: on point throughout the entire film! I don’t think there’s anything that could have improved.

Sound: I have to say that 90% of the sound was excellent, although some of the close up scenes between Sarah and Dylan I felt had a very poor and amateur choice of background score.

Writing: This was a well scripted film but had a few weak plot points that became very evident with the timing of the not-so-great acting during various scenes by the lead actors.

Acting: Michiel Huisman and Sam Reid are well known for TV series shows, and not so much in major motion films like Teresa Palmer has on her resume. One would think there shouldn’t be much difference in their acting capabilities, but I felt in some of the scenes, Michiel’s acting started to lax, but not as much as Sam’s, especially standing next to Teresa Palmer who did an amazing job.

The entire movie itself felt a little too long, and had the pace been a little faster, I feel it would have kept me in suspense longer between scenes.

I give this film a 4/5 but rounded it up to a 9/10 primarily for the outstanding direction and excellent cinematography. Oh, and the soundtrack… I kept turning up my surround sound system full blast when the great tracks came on, I definitely need to get those songs!

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2:22 movie review – Watch 2:22 online free by antoniotierno: just original and nothing more

A story about mysterious set of events that continue happening to one man at 2:22 every single day. Michiel Huisman stars is an air traffic controller from New York losing his job after experiencing a weird flash of light causing him to blank out at 2:22. The plot tells about his experiencing more and more weird events at the same time after he meets a woman, played by Teresa Palmer. This appears being quite a unique idea for a film story overall it’s not easy to understand what is exactly going on. Is it the movie the stars or about this guy? Is it something else? The full cast includes Sam Reid, Maeve Dermody, Remy Hii, and Simone Kessell. To sum up an original idea but the result is nothing more than a barely decent entertainment.

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