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10 films highlights in career of Keanu Reeves

10 films highlights in career of Keanu Reeves

10 films highlights in career of Keanu Reeves

Despite being 50 years old and experiencing many ups and downs of career, the name Keanu Reeves still make many viewers to pay tribute when mentioned.

Point Break (1991): When the bank robbery was suspected of being a professional surfing group, the FBI sent Johnny’s underground agent (Keanu Reeves) to bond with a member of the gang, Bodhi (Patrick Swayze) , to blend into their lair. The spy theme is probably not strange, but the new point of Point Break is to take the sport surfing on the screen in a beautiful way. This is a movie by Kathryn Bigelow, the first female director to win an Oscar in the category of Best Director in history later.

Speed ​​(1994): Speaking of action films of the 1990s, viewers can not forget Speed. The heroic police officer Jack Traven, who is trying to rescue passengers on a bus bombed by terrorist psychiatrist Keanu Reeves, has officially become an A-lister. Along with Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves made cinemas across the globe a “rush of heat” in the summer of 1994.

A Walk in the Clouds (1995): After Speed, this is Keanu Reeves’s first attempt at romance. His character Paul Sutton is a young soldier who returned after World War II and sought to integrate into everyday life. He suddenly became acquainted with beautiful student Victoria, who because of pregnancy with the university professor dare not go home to meet his father. Initially only a couple to save the girl’s virtue, but then Paul and Victoria really love each other. With a light script, A Walk in the Clouds is like a glass of wine that anyone who tasted past must remember.

Chain Reaction (1996): The film was born when green and clean energy issues were gaining public attention. Just before the night of announcing the results of an important study, the lab suddenly exploded and Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz both became suspects. They are forced to flee, and at the same time denounce the economic ploy of the great forces are manipulating the country.

Devil’s Advocate (1997): With great acting from the Keanu Reeves trilogy, Charlize Theron and veteran Al Pacino, Devil’s Advocate is a must-have for the amateur. Kevin, a young lawyer from Florida, has a chance to work in New York; At the same time, his wife, Mary Ann, has a lot of unusual psychological cues. Devil’s Advocate is a novel film at the time of its launch, with unique ideas and expressions about morality, religion as well as the struggle between good and evil within each one.

The Matrix trilogy (1999-2004): The Matrix putlocker can be considered one of the most revolutionary science fiction works on both ideas, content and cinematography in the twentieth century. The first was also the climax of Keanu Reeves’s career, leading to two sequels over the next five years. The series draws on a dark future of humanity, where people are mechanically transformed into slaves. Unaware of this, Keanu Reeves’s Neo office worker stands in front of two options: to wake up to fight or to continue living in illusion.

Constantine (2005): At the end of 2004, he starred in DC Comics’ adaptation of Hellblazer. In a world where angels and evil exist in the confusion of the human world, the exorcist John Constantine, in pursuit of an evil demon, discovers that God and Satan are playing a numerical bet. the destiny of mankind. The script has a lot of differences compared to the original, causing many fans of the comic book is not satisfied. But independent, Constantine is a film that perfectly satisfies the sales and entertainment needs of the masses.

A Scanner Darkly (2006): Keanu Reeves continues to play a sinking cop; But A Special Scanner by Darkly is a animated film that simulates the movement of real actors (rotoscoping technology). To infiltrate the crime scene, police Bob Arctor turns himself into an addict. The investigation becomes difficult as the drug causes Bob to fall into a mental disorder. Directed by Richard Linklater, the film takes only 23 days to shoot, but it takes a year and a half to complete the graphics work. Being a hard-to-watch movie and rated R for violent and sensitive language, A Scanner Darkly is not a mass-market experience.

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The Lake House (2006): Back in the movie, Keanu Reeves reunites with Sandra Bullock in a film based on the Korean film Il Mare. The film offers a strange situation: two people live in two different times but can chat through a mailbox. They keep talking through charismatic words, then fall in love with each other or not. This is a very beautiful movie, suitable for romantic and want to find a gentle atmosphere on the screen.

John Wick (2014): After nearly a decade of nothing outstanding, Keanu Reeves suddenly regained his form with new action movie John Wick. A notorious assassin of the garden was forced to re-export after his pet dog was killed. Keanu Reeves’s performance as John Wick is highly rated, reflecting the sentimentality of inner feelings, and the ability to kill people who are not angry with the enemy.

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