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10 brilliant animated films of Pixar

10 brilliant animated films of Pixar

Known as the Witch of emotions, Pixar created real masterpieces for the film for the children but also adults don’t like it when off.

Not that the movie Up (2009) and Toy Story 3 (2010) Pixar stamped on in history when it became the 2 in 3 films were nominated in the category for best film.

It also demonstrates, business that Disney bought Pixar billion did not restrict the creation of the talented man of the film, in contrast, with profuse expenditure of Disney, Pixar as easier in creating work out the climax.

10. Coco (2017)

Pixar’s latest film, full of studio quality as telling a nine-story, rich humanistic significance.

Coco themed festival through which the dead to tell the story about what to do to reconcile between passion and the importance of family.

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Platform story personhood of forgetfulness and the role of people living in maintaining nice memories of the members of the family, director Lee Unkrich has built a generation beautiful world with brilliant detail in each frame, thereby blotted away common notions filled with gloom about the world of the dead.

Coco entirely likely take the Oscar in 2018 for cartoons. And further proves that Pixar always know how to capture the hearts of man.

9. Ratatouille (2007)

Won the Oscar for best animated film, Ratatouille and shows great creativity of Pixar when telling a story is pretty simple but the honor is two things: a delicious food doesn’t mean a complex dish , and a skilled chef, sometimes just a social person is admitted.

Taking the central characters the story is rat, Director Brad Bird has to delete the shape model about the origin of the main character. catheterization

He chose the rat-creatures were humans hate to create inspiration about passion and success for younger audiences and for mature people.

Splendid film when talking about a simple story, gorgeous when choosing a character not to be admitted, and rich sense when choosing a dish made of fulcrum for the story forward.

Ratatouille, is always endless motivation for anyone who has a passion for her own.

8. Monster Inc. (2001)

In 2001, Monster Inc. tell a story specifically about friendship between a monster and a child.

If the monster is fear of a child at night, was created in the closet, under the bed perched covertly human childhood, then contrast, Pixar built a monster images Sully is especially great, but cowards.

The depth in the story came from the Director understand the feeling of the children for what they imagine, from which to build the two characters have the wonderful and full of humor, thereby giving messages about friendship , love and protect to can overcome the fear, loneliness and selfishness.

7. Wall-E (2008)

Who says that the children can hardly understand science fiction stories.

With Wall-E Pixar proves that they can turn all the categories though difficult to go back to the rich human stories easy to understand and easy to feel, even as science fiction.

Future world is the huge garbage heap of people. The Earth is about to be destroyed, and the people in the shape of the round fat and lazy to leave the Earth Empire survived.

The film is rich in meaning, is a word of warning for the modern lifestyle with fast food and dependent on the technology of the human species, but at the same time gives the audience an ideal love, sincere to make us feel độngvới two robots are personification to “all people” in the social future of mankind overcast

6. Up (2009)

Up is an adventure, and also a film honoring the love of primitive values that people always towards, Up in the altruistic, the experience, and the Elimination of selfishness, ego.

Up tells of the journey full of trouble due to the different generations and the headstrong two main characters are a boy and an old man go find paradise.

But from there, the film gives the audience the story of his life is often combined with a beautiful love story that anyone desires. The old man finally found the meaning of life, and the boy grew up and know listen.

Up to become the second animated film in history, after Beauty and the beast (1991) are standing along with the movies in the nominations for best film.

5. Finding Nemo (2003)

Robots, monsters, mouse and now the fish in the main character role, Finding Nemo led the audience to explore the world’s oceans, to the extremely touching journey of a father clown fish go in search of the lost son.

The film is a love song about the woman in the vast ocean filled with danger but also fascinated by the beauty of the marvelous tonality.

Director Andrew Stanton made the film based on the work he told his children to wrap too. So, the journey to find Nemo Marlin Merlin’s full of emotion and love.

Film peeling the adventures that help people get rid of prejudice, explore the vast world and have faith in you and believe in myself.

Over all there are lessons for those parents in the let her children out to sea because only the new danger to help them mature.

4. Toy Story 2 (1999)

Is the first movie in film history reached 100% score on the page movie reviews Rotten Tomotoes fame (recently had a second film is Lady Bird woman’s Greta Gerwig), Toy Story 2 have quite the irony of fate.

Disney original plan straight out of the movie Toy Story 2 with the DVD format without the theatrical film production process, separated from Pixar, a small scale because at the moment the majority of Pixar are focused to do animated films A bug’s life (1998).


According to the next story about two toys Woody and Buzz Lightyear but expand the context out the whole world outside the boy’s House to Andy, the film carries the full quality that Toy Story was done in 1995, the smart , humor, and highly entertaining in a unique story again help adults can remember about childhood with his toys.

3. Toy Story (1995)

Is the first computer technology in the world, is also the first Pixar film, Toy Story is the first step to conquer the world by the sensitivity of the subject, the closest things turn into animated characters , donated them and from them, Pixar built a mirror world view helps nourish the soul children.

It is rich in emotion, both happy and sad, as a child but the film touches deep part of human nature that is the fear factor, fear of being replaced, but here the two main characters are two toy wishes for love the little master.

A sad film, but out of sadness is the smile of innocence, innocent very young children, so it has a very special depth makes the child audience, the passion, and the adult audience, will his conscience Advisory about the childhood toys have no more.

2. Inside Out (2015)

From fish, mouse, to toys that are personalized and donated to the emotions, but to the Inside Out, Pixar brought to one of the most unique movie in history, turning the human emotional state into full characters with his personality.


Sometimes we hate sadness because it made me tired, do we long flowing tears and make yourself see starvation. But we don’t realize that, thanks to the sadness that fun new value.

Inside Out is the Joy of her journey with the help of her Sad helped his employer understands the significance of the family and can cope with the sadness which was always teeming in the life of each person.

1. The Incredibles (2004)

The modern world is filled film from Marvel superhero to DC, but Pixar in 2004 created one of the best superhero movies on the big screen.

Though it is animation, and for children, but The Incredibles is always ideal model for every movie hero should follow.

This is a film with a strong story, characters are introduced clear, subtle, in which a family of superheroes trying to balance a normal life with half the heroic act.

The Incredibles not abuse act, everything is calculated really meticulously so that in 2 hours, the story complete from the character, motives, and how the main characters gather to defeat the wicked are five bared earth devastated.

The world will remember forever superhero family, such that when the second generation of this new film was announced by a short introduction, then immediately it has gained large number of people viewing the record.

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